March, 2014 Menu Changes

Some menu items have been added/modified as of March 23, 2014. The online menu has these changes incorporated.


We have a truly lovely view of the golf course and our surrounding mountains from our dining room. It’s hard to find a setting that matches this, and many of our friends have discovered this.

We do need to mention one thing, however. We are a take-out business that happens to have seating available to those who want to take advantage of it as opposed to being a restaurant that also sells take-out food – and there is a difference. In other words people who show up at the dining room are in effect getting into line behind anybody who has already phoned in an order ahead of them.

What that means is that anybody who wants to dine in can save themselves some waiting time in the dining room by calling ahead and telling us what they would like to order and what time they’ll be coming in.  We will of course do our best to service whoever calls or shows up, and we really do enjoy seeing satisfied customers.

Thank you all for being part of our good experience here in the valley…



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